Be in a Play.  Have Fun.  Make New Friends.  No Experience Required.

We try to have fun with everything we do here from the moment you first get to the Theatre until you leave. Doing a show here is a great way to make new friends, learn to act, and let your creative juices flow.  Below is a description of a class so you'll know exactly what to expect.  Most people's first class is either a Saturday class or a Summercamp, so I'll talk about those.  We'll be adding stuff to this page in the future like a video and more pictures, so check back.

Circle Up, People.

You'll arrive at The Haymarket Theatre, go upstairs, come into the Lobby, sign-in at the Box Office Desk and order lunch if you didn't bring it. The Directors of the class will be there to say hello, introduce themselves and meet your parent or guardian. If it's your first time at the theatre you can ask someone for a quick tour of the Stage and Backstage areas for you and your parent if you like. Then you wait in the Wood Room where you can put your things down, put your lunch in the fridge if you need, say hi to some of the other kids and wait for class to start.  Our classes have kids from ages 6-18 and from schools all over Lincoln and area towns, so you'll be meeting some new people right away.  There are always lots of new people, so you won't be the only one.

When everyone is checked in the Directors will invite you to enter the Stage area and begin class. Class always starts with a Director saying "Circle up, People." Which means you all go on the Stage, make a circle, and have a seat. Since there are always lots of new kids, we all introduce ourselves and if the class is small enough, we play a game to try and learn everyone's name. Since some people won't have done a play before, we'll have a talk about how to behave in a theatre, how we rehearse a play and some of the basics about acting.

Then, on the first day, we'll have Auditions. For auditions we all sit in the chairs in the Theatre and everybody takes turns coming up on Stage in a group and reading a scene from the play. If it's a musical and you want to have a Solo, then you have to sing a solo for the everybody. Sometimes we have a piano player who plays a song from the show while you sing, sometimes we all learn a rock song and sing karaoke to it. You may be nervous at first, but when you watch everyone else go ahead of you, you realize it isn't a big deal.

Before auditions are over we'll probably have to stop and take a break, have a snack, audition some more and then have lunch. On breaks and at lunch we all go to the Wood Room and eat and hang out. If you order lunch some of the Volunteers from the theatre will serve you. Lunch gives you a chance to talk to some of the new friends you're making and relax. After lunch we play some Theatre Games which are simple, fun games that everyone is involved in. Then we finish auditions. Once auditions are done we maybe play some more games or learn some songs from the show that everybody sings.

Fortunate Son Rehearsal

On the second day of class everyone finds out which Part they got. Then we hand out Scripts and start rehearsing the play. Don't worry if you've never acted before. There are lots of teachers and other kids to help you out. Sometimes that means everyone is on stage learning the big Scenes and songs.  Sometimes it means only a few people are on stage learning a smaller scene. If you're not in the scenes that are being rehearsed then you can usually go to the Wood Room and work with another director on your part or you can go to the Lobby and play games, or you can always watch rehearsal if you want. Sometimes, if you'd like to, kids get to be assistant directors or to help with Backstage stuff like moving Lights, finding Costumes, running the Smoke Machine, pulling the Curtains opened and closed and other things like that.

During a show everybody becomes friends and help each other. To put on a good play everyone needs to work together.

At the end of the day we all Circle Up again and talk about how rehearsal went.  Then you get to go home. Your parents can either come meet you in the Lobbyor you can go outside with one of the Directors and wait for them there.

Meet the Manglesons, Fall 2011

During the week of the performances we all come to the theatre every night from 5-8 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is when we get to start rehearsing with the actual Set, Props, Lights, Costumes and Makeup that we'll be using during the performances. On Wednesday we have the Final Dress Rehearsal which means the last chance to practice the whole show before Opening Night, which is what you call the first performance. That usually happens on Thursday. When we have performances everybody gets to the theatre one hour early so we can rehearse anything that we need to and get into costumes and makeup. Then we get to perform for an audience which is the most fun, scary (good scary), exciting, crazy part of the whole thing. Most shows have four or five performances, but some big musicals have eight. Then after each show everybody comes out and says hello to their family and friends who came to see them and takes pictures. And then you go home and dream of the next one.

...And that's what it's like to be in a play at The Haymarket Theatre.